Tori is still not adopted. I was getting restless. I may have made an impulsive decision without consulting the boyfriend. Well, I consulted him several other times about other dogs and he always said “You can do whatever you want but I won’t be happy with three dogs in the house.” So I didn’t ask.
I just brought home a Great Pyrenees/Yellow Lab mix.

So things are tense. And covered in slobber. He’s not happy and I feel guilty. All I want to do is help save dogs! All he wants to do is live in house with less dog hair than things that aren’t dog hair! And, jeezy creezy, this girl has A LOT of fur. Every time you touch her a dozen hairs flutter to the floor. I’m not sure how this is going to work out.

So much fur came out while brushing. And it's she more is still falling off when I touch her.

So much fur came out while brushing. And it’s she more is still falling off when I touch her.

Anyways… Goldie’s story:
Goldie was picked up by animal control with another GP mix about 6 months ago. (The local animal control used to put all animals to sleep after the 7 day stray hold was up. The rescue I work with now takes all animals after the stray hold is up.) Goldie was adopted at her very first adoption event by an older, handicapped woman. 6 Months later the woman calls us to return her because she is trying to attack people who come into her home and she isn’t strong enough to restrain the 80 lb dog.
Yes, I took in another return.

Just barely snapped this before she ran off!

Just barely snapped this before she ran off!

I went to the house to pick Goldie up. She did, in fact, try to murder me. I quickly pulled out my bag of tricks (this is mostly just a big bag of treats) and had her sitting and begging in less than a minute. She turned into the most goofy, loving dog in the whole world. The woman was very impressed. I acted like it was no big deal. Like a boss.

Introducing her to Rocko and Tori was scary. But it became clear after the initial butt smelling that this big girl was not at all aggressive with dogs. Tori is quite small compared to Goldie. She spent a couple days hiding under tables and snapping. Goldie has absolutely no idea Tori is being violent. She is a big goober and keeps play bowing and running in circles around Tori in play mode. The are both so clueless. I am sure Tori will figure out how goofy and harmless Goldie is and reclaim her dominate throne in the house in no time.

She's trying to get Tori to play while she's sleeping.

She’s trying to get Tori to play while she’s sleeping.

Goldie is a big dog. She’s about 80 lbs and has a big build. I’ve noticed, however, that she doesn’t really realize her size. Not in the usual “What do you mean I’m not a lap dog” way, but in a different way. I had closed the bathroom door all but 2 inches while I was in the shower. When I got out of the shower Goldie was sniffing furiously and whining. She clearly wanted in the bathroom but didn’t know she could just push the door open. It’s not that she’s well trained and knows her boundaries, believe me, that’s not it. She just doesn’t realize that she has the power to push stuff. She won’t even paw at the kennel door when I get home. She just stands there prancing with no clue she could snap that kennel into pieces.

Even so, three dogs is too many. Well, these three dogs at least. I suppose it’s because Goldie is still very much a puppy. She’s 2 years old but she is still not quite out of the puppy stage yet. When Tori or Rocko moves or makes a noise Goldie is thrown into uncontrollable excitement. It is nearly impossible to get a photo of her because she won’t sit still or focus. Everything is too exciting! It’s a fun little trip into big dog territory, but until Tori gets adopted I guess I just won’t get to foster any other dogs.

Finally asleep at 2:30 am

Finally asleep at 2:30 am

3 thoughts on “Goldie

  1. Awwwww – you are such a good person! I have not volunteered at our local shelter because I am afraid I will end up with 37 dogs and the Pet Hoarders show will do a series on me. I really should though! Goldie looks so very sweet. Good luck with her and your boyfriend and the rest of your critters! Oh, and I love the name of your blog!

    • Thank you! There are some volunteers that can no longer foster because they did just that. We love them, judge them silently, and fear the day we become them.
      I’m glad there are other people out there who are also definitely NOT a velociraptor, despite what anyone might have said.

      • Right now I have a little JRT mix (looks like a Jack Russel though) who is blind. He doesn’t do well with others…gets startled and becomes fearful, so he is keeping me in check. :o)

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